Haidar: Return of al-Huseiniya’s residents to their homes will have positive implications on other areas

Damascus, SANA- Minister of State for National Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar stressed that alleviating the suffering of citizens, combating terrorism, and pursuing local reconciliations constitute the policy pursued by the Syrian government.

During a meeting with Director of the United Nations Relief and work Agency (UNRWA) Affairs in Syria, Michael Kingsley-Nyinah, Haidar added that the state ministry is following up on daily basis the most minute details regarding the return of locals to al-Huseiniya in Damascus Countryside, asserting that all difficulties and problems were overcome to ensure that the town’s locals can return to their homes and to preserve security and safety there.

Haidar said that the success of the experience in al-Huseiniya and the return of locals to it will have positive implications on other areas, adding that the ministry is working to duplicate this experience in other nearby areas.

For his part, Kingsley-Nyinah noted out that the efforts made by the Syrian government led to the return of locals to al-Huseiniya, and this reflects that the Syrian government is paying attention to citizens and their needs.

The two sides also discussed during the meeting the efforts made by UNRWA in this respect.

The Ministry of State for National Reconciliation Affairs announced on September 7th the start of the third and final stage of organizing the return of the residents of al-Huseiniya in Damascus Countryside to their homes after successfully completing the first and second stages, during which around 5,500 families had returned.

Life in al-Huseiniya is currently proceeding normally according to the state ministry which expects that most of its locals – who are estimated 60,000 – will have returned to their homes by the end of the third stage.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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