Any solution to crisis in Syria not accepted by Syrians is rejected, Velayati said

Tehran, SANA, The Syrian-Iranian relations are strategic, solid and strong and the Syrian government, people and leadership have firmly confronted the fierce terrorist aggression against the country for about five years, Advisor to Iranian Leader of the Islamic Revolution for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati said.

During his meeting with Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi in Tehran on Tuesday, Velayati hailed the heroic resilience of the Syrian people in facing the overall terrorist aggression which could be considered as “a global war” imposed by the Syrian people.

The enemies of Syria say today that the military option is not useful in Syria, he said, referring to the UN Security Council’s (UNSC) step towards Syria on Monday as “It is not known that the UNSC step is good for Syria, adding that Syria’s enemies are convinced that the military option didn’t work and everybody is convinced that the political one leads for an outcome.

He stressed that any solution for the crisis in Syria coming from outside and not accepted by the Syrian people is rejected.

For his part, minister al-Zoubi stressed that the Syrian-Iranian relations are not an alliance between two states, but they are brotherly and fraternal relations and nobody can separate brothers.

The media system in Syria and the Iranian media are continuously working together to enhance, consolidate and develop those relations.

In a press conference following their meeting, Velayati said “nobody and no country could take a decision on behalf of the Syrian people, as only the Syrians who should decide their future.”

Rejecting at any circumstances imposing any view point or solution from outside on the Syrian people, Velayati said that any solution to the crisis in Syria should be accomplished in consultation with the Syrian government.

For his part, al-Zoubi described his meeting with Velayati as “fruitful’, as the Iranian official reiterated the Iranian leadership and people’s support to Syria in facing the terrorist aggression against it.

Hailing the big role of the Iranian support to Syria on the political and economic levels, Al-Zoubi stressed that the Iranian support to Syria played a big role in enhancing its steadfastness and potentials in facing the aggression.

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