Mufti Hassoun: Extremists have no relation to Islam

Algiers, SANA-Syria’s grand Mufti, Sheikh Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun affirmed on Thursday that what is going on in Syria is “a tax it pays because of its national and pan-Arab stances in support of Islamic causes.”

“Syria stands with Algeria in one trench in defense of the whole nation and Palestine,” Mufti Hassoun said during a meeting with Algerian Minister of Religious Endowments Mohammad Issa, adding that Syria has been able to withstand against terrorist attacks, thanks to its people, army and scholars.

He affirmed that owners of extremist mentality have no relation to Islam, calling for protecting Algeria from the plague of terrorism and extremism.

The Mufti highly appreciated Algeria stance which rejects to sever any diplomatic relation with any Arab country under any pretext and the Algerian people’s sympathy with any blood drop be shed in Syria.

For his part, Algerian Minister of Religious Endowments affirmed that Mufti Hassoun’s visit to the country is an important opportunity to exchange viewpoints, share expertise and analyze the situation.

Mufti Hassoun started a one-week visit to Algeria to meet a number of officials in this country.

Mazen Eyon

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