Parliament discusses service situation in Aleppo, drops membership of a number of its members

Damascus, SANA –The People’s Assembly (Parliament) discussed Thursday, in a session chaired by Speaker Mohammad Jihad al-Laham, the service situation in Aleppo, particularly water and electricity.

The MPs said Aleppo province needs 4 to 5 power transformation plants with a total capacity of 25 megawatts, adding that the province also needs about 100 tons of wheat to meet its needs of bread.

They said the problem of water shortage cannot be solved unless all terrorist groups in the city are eliminated.

They hailed the sacrifices made by the Syrian army in confronting terrorists, calling for compensating farmers in Homs countryside.

For his part, Speaker al-Laham said a number of the government’s ministers are to visit Aleppo in the coming few days to inspect the situation and the needs of citizens there.

Meanwhile, the Parliament dropped the membership of a number of its members in accordance with article 174 of Parliament’s Rules and Procedure.

The concerned MPs are Nader Ba’era, Qadri Jamil, Mustafa al-Sayyed Hammoud, Abdo al-Najeeb, Mohammad Ario, Mohammad Fadi al-Qaraan, Imad Hajji Mohammad, Saeed Eliya, Taysir al-Jughayni and Saleh al-Tahhan al-Nu’aymi.

M. Nassr/ Barry/Manal

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