President al-Assad: Reasonable politicians and parliamentarians could play important role in setting Western policies right

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad said the “reasonable” politicians and parliamentarians in France and Europe could play an important role in setting right the Western policies toward Syria and the region.

President al-Assad’s remarks came during his meeting on Sunday with Jean-Frederic Poisson, member of the National Assembly of France and Leader of the Christian Democratic Party.

The President talked about the war the Syrian people are engaged in against regional and foreign-backed terrorist organizations and the threat posed by terrorism to the region’s stability in particular and Europe in general.

President al-Assad-Jean-Frederic Poisson-France 2

He said the facts have proved the Western policies in Syria and the region unsuccessful as they caused terrorism to expand and spread into European countries with them not heeding the demands of the region’s peoples, meddling in their internal affairs and dealing with double standards in terms of fighting terrorism.

Poisson, for his part, stressed on the necessity to cooperate with the Syrian to eliminate terrorism and terminate its risks.

He said having stability prevailing in Syria once again would reflect positively on the stability of the region and Europe, adding however that this would not be achieved without supporting the Syrian state and talking with President al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria along with the efforts of fighting terrorism.

Haifa Said

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