26,000 food packages to be distributed to displaced families in Hasaka province

Hasaka, SANA – Hasaka branch of the relief committee started distributing 26,000 food packages to families affected by terrorist crimes in different areas of the province.

Issam al-Hussein, Director of the Social Affairs Department in Hasaka told SANA Saturday that the packages, by World Food Programme (WFP), will be distributed by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), Armenian Association and other Charity associations in the province.

The WFP is working on providing 48 thousand food packages to the province, located in northeastern Syria, in a move to cover the increased need of the province for such aid due to the terrorist crimes in some areas of the province which have caused displacement of locals, Hussein added

WFP has provided the province with some 164 thousand food packages, where a new shipment is expected to reach the province in the coming days.

Last Thursday, Matthew Hollingworth, director of the WFP in Syria, affirmed, during a meeting of Hasaka Governor Za’al Ali with UN organizations working in Syria, that his organization is seeking to set a plan for entering around 48,000 food packages to Hasaka on monthly bases to be distributed among displaced and affected families.

H. Said

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