Syrian communities abroad condemn terrorist crimes in Syria, protest against arming terrorists

Capitals, SANA-Syrian community in Bulgaria, in cooperation with a number of Bulgarian popular commissions, parties and MPs stood Wednesday in front of the Bulgarian defense Ministry HQ protesting the scandal of the government on sending weapons to the terrorists in Syria.

Participants in the protest raised the Syrian and Bulgarian flags, and slogans saying “stop arming terrorists” and” No to the killing of women and children in Syria and Iraq.”

They expressed resentment on the role played by Sofia in arming terrorists in Syria.

In a statement recited by Amir Adeb, the Syrian community affirmed that the support offered by some sides in Bulgaria to the terrorist organizations is an unacceptable act, adding this support encourages the hostile greed of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist organization in the Middle East and Balkan.

Syrian Community Association in France denounces the terrorist attacks in Aleppo and Damascus

Syrian Community Association in France vehemently denounced the terrorist  attacks that has recently hit Damascus and Aleppo and resulted in killing and injuring  numbers of civilians.

“Theses heinous crimes summarize the terrorist track carried out by the US and Israeli – backed regional sides in addition to the Takfiri and extremist powers to wreak horror and anxiety among the Syrians, divide Syria and shred its social fabric,” The Association said in a statement on Wednesday.

The Association renewed its support and stand by the Syrian leadership, people and army in fighting terrorism and establishing security and stability in Syria.


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