Wood carving forum concluded with exhibition in Damascus Citadel

Damascus, SANA – The wood carving forum, organized by the Fine Arts Directorate at the Culture Ministry in cooperation with Applied Arts Institute, concluded its activities with an exhibition at Damascus Citadel.

The exhibition showcases the carvings produced by the participants during the 14 days of the forum, which was held under the title “Syria: Bridge of Love 2015.”

Wood carving 2

Culture Minister Issam Khalil, who attended the opening of the exhibition and honored the participating artists, told journalists that holding cultural activities persistently emphasizes commitment to confronting the Takfiri terrorist mentality which is targeting Syria and which seeks to make people’s minds slaves to inhuman concepts.

He said that this forum and the exhibition, as the name implies, is a message of love to the world, adding that holding such activities shows faith in the future and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yosra Mohammad, one of the participating artists, said that this forum was an opportunity to learn more about wood carving techniques, and that the her sculpture represents the theme of women and how they deft the current circumstances.

Meanwhile, artists Hassan Hilwani said that his sculpture, titled “My Letters,” is based on Arabic letters and calligraphy, drawing from culture and heritage, which resonates with holding the forum in Damascus Citadel.

Wood carving 3

Fellow artists Fayysal al-Ziab said that his sculpture, which he titled “Faces,” portrays various human expressions from the emotional spectrum between happiness and sadness, noting that holding the forum in the open space of the Citadel’s courtyard gave him the opportunity to interact with other artists and the audience directly.

Sculptor Samir Rahma opted for a piece titled “Dialogue” inspired by his dialogue and communication with the other participating artists, employing abstract symbolism focusing on lines and surfaces, while Imad Kas’hout went for a sculpture depicting harmony in Syrian society.

The forum began at June 1st with the participation of the aforementioned artists along with Mohammad Mira, Adel al-Khedr, Nisrin al-Saleh, Mohammad Abu Khaled, and Ma’moun al-Kerdi.

Hazem Sabbagh

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