Israeli occupation forces continue treating terrorists wounded in Syria

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- the Israeli occupation forces on Saturday transported another terrorist who was wounded while fighting in Syria to one of the Israeli medical centers near Tiberias for medical treatment in the framework of the continued support provided by the Zionist entity to the Takfiri terrorist organizations.

The Israeli Walla website said that the wounded terrorist, 27 years old, was transported to Padeh Poriya medical center near Tiberias after sustaining shrapnel wounds, indicating that about 174 wounded terrorists who have been transported from Syria have been admitted in the medical center up till now.

The Israeli mass media provides conflicting figures about the numbers of wounded terrorists who have been transported from Syria to Israeli hospitals as the latest figures announced by the Israeli press show that 1.600 wounded terrorists have received medical treatment at the Israeli hospitals up till now.

The Israeli occupation continues to provide different forms of systematic support to terrorist organizations in Syria and the region in an outrageous violation of the UN and UNSC counterterrorism resolutions.

R. al-Jazaeri/Mazen

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