3 million tons of wheat production expected, Minister says

Damascus, SANA- The required measures for marketing grains, preventing the smuggling of wheat and the public transportation means needed to transport the crops of the peasants to the delivery centers were on the table during a special meeting held Sunday at the Regional Leadership of al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

Minister of Agriculture Ahmed al-Qadiri said that the initial expectations show that more than 3 million tons of wheat and more than a million and 300 thousand tons of barley will be produced, indicating that the Government allocated SYP 100 billion to pay for the crops handed to it by the farmers.

Al-Qadiri added that the Ministry has provided the required fuel for the harvesters and the vehicles which will transport the crops to the
delivery centers.

He affirmed that the prices to be paid by the Government for the current season of wheat are higher than the international prices,
underlining the importance of buying all the wheat crops regardless of the certificate of origin.

He highlighted the role of media in raising awareness on the measures of handing over the wheat crops.

For his part, Director of Grains Marketing Establishment Mousa Nawwaf al-Ali said the Establishment has taken all required measures for the delivery of wheat crops as it opened 29 new centers for crops delivery.

Al-Ali added that the Establishment will buy all the wheat crops of the current season and will consider the possibility of buying the wheat which remained from the last season with a price of SYP 14 for each kg as the global stock price is about SYP 47.000 for each ton of wheat.

R. al-Jazaeri / Barry

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