Terrorist organizations lose more members and heavy equipment in continued crackdown

Provinces, SANA – The terrorist organizations are suffering more losses at the army’s hands, with the military operations on Friday resulting in the destruction of dozens of terrorists’ vehicles with machine guns mounted on them and the killing of many of them.


Army units carried out a series of precision operations targeting dens of terrorist organizations in Mahaja village to the west of Daraa International Highway in Daraa province, killing and injuring many terrorists.

A military source told SANA that the army also killed a number of terrorists and injured others in al-Faki’a village on the old Daraa road, destroying the terrorists’ ammo and weapons in the process, while other units carried out precision strikes against terrorists on the old Daraa road itself, killing a number of terrorists and destroying their machinegun-equipped vehicles.

In al-Gharia al-Gharbia near the Jordanian borders, a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured, and in the town of Kafar Shams in the far northwest of the province an army unit targeted the hideouts of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra and the “Muthana Islamic Movement” terrorist organizations, killing and injuring many of them.

Other army units carried out series of intensive operations targeting the hideouts of terrorist organizations in the west of Ayn Fada hill, Motawaq al-Saghir hill, and al-Thuraya village in the northern countryside of Daraa province, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammo.

In Daraa al-Balad neighborhood, an army unit destroyed concentrations and vehicles belonging to Jabhet al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the area surrounding Um al-Daraj, between the Meteorology Center and al-Sad road, in al-Nazihin Camp, al-Karak, east of al-Hussein Mosque, and al-Muhandiseen building.

Army units also prevented attempts by Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists to infiltrate towards military points in al-Sanamen area, destroying a number of armored vehicles and vehicles equipped with machineguns and killing four leaders of terrorist group, including Mohammad al-Nabelsi AKA Abu al-Ula al-Horani.

More terrorists were killed and injured and a number of their vehicles were destroyed in the town of Nasib near the Jordanian borders and north of al-Ghezlan farm.


An army unit killed more Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in al-Hamidiyeh village in the western countryside of the southern Quneitra province, a military source said.

The source told SANA that other army units hit terrorists’ hideouts in Tal Mas’hara, 22 km east of Quneitra city, leaving many of them dead or injured.


Army units operating in Palmyra in Homs province secured the perimeter of the archeological sites and Palmyra city fully after killing many ISIS terrorists, most of them foreigners, Governor of Homs Talal al-Barazi told SANA.

The Governor added that army units also clashed with ISIS terrorists near the third oil pumping station in Palmyra countryside, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists.

Earlier, the Syrian Arab Army’s Air Force launched intensive strikes against ISIS dens and gatherings in al-Qebab, Jouret al-Hamal and Bir al-Qitar in Palmyra countryside, killing many terrorists and destroying tens of their vehicles and amounts of ammo and weapons.

The Air Force also destroyed ISIS vehicles and hideouts in Tafha village to the east of Homs city.


An army unit killed a number of ISIS terrorists and destroys a vehicle for them in Tneinir village in southeastern Hasaka.


Army units destroyed in special operations 14 vehicles equipped with heavy machineguns belonging to Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists in Mseibin area east of Aryha city in Idleb province, leaving dozens of terrorists dead and many others injured, a military source said.

The source added that the Syrian Arab Army’s Air Force directed concentrated strikes at terrorist concentrations in Kafr Lata near Aryha, Maartabi, east of the brick factory, and in Bzabour village east of al-Zawiye mountain.


Army units eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles in Khan Touman, al-Tamoura, al-Atareb, Khan al-Assal, and near the Air Force Academy in Aleppo countryside.

The army also eliminated many terrorists and injured others and damaged a number of their vehicles in the Old City, Jam’yat al-Zahraa, Ard al-Mallah, east of al-Balat neighborhood, Bustan al-Basha, al-Inzarat, al-Ashrafyeh, al-Rashidin, al-Zibdyeh, and al-Salehin neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

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