Turkish citizens condemn terrorists’ barbaric crimes in Syria

Ankara, SANA- Hundreds of Turkish citizens gathered on Wednesday night in the Turkish cities of Antioch and Tarsus to condemn the savage crimes committed by terrorist organizations which are supported by the Turkish government.

The locals in Tarsus city organized a protest to condemn the heinous massacre perpetrated by terrorists against civilians in Ishtabrak in Idleb countryside, lashing out at the role of the Turkish government in supporting and training terrorists.

In Antioch, hundreds of Turkish citizens took to the streets to condemn the terrorist massacres in Ishtabrak and to express solidarity with the Syrian people in combating terrorists who are being supported and financed by the Turkish regime.

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The Turkish police attacked the demonstrators and prevented them from reaching the city square, using water cannons and tear gases to disperse them.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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