Authorities arrest gang of kidnappers in Aleppo

Aleppo, SANA – The Criminal Security Department in Aleppo arrested on Tuesday the members of a gang consisting of five persons who committed acts of abduction and robbery, including the abduction of Khaled Deeb, a student at faculty of communications in Aleppo University.

Brig. Gen. Dirar Dandal told SANA that the gang had kidnapped Deeb on his way to college by assuming the identity of security officers, stealing his car, and taking him to an unknown location which later proved to be a house in al-Midan neighborhood, then they called Deeb’s family and demanded a ransom of SYP 100 million.

Following investigations, the members of Criminal Security Department in Aleppo located the whereabouts of one kidnapper and arrested him, and he confessed his crimes and divulged the names of his accomplices Naim Ma’lla, Ahmad Tabla, Anas al-Gol, Essa Hamlo, and Mustafa al-Kadi.

Dandal said that Deeb was rescued and his car was recovered after luring the gang into a trap and seizing their weapons, adding that they confessed their crimes and will be tried in court.

On a relevant note, the Narcotics Department in Aleppo arrested Ali Sansol, a drug pusher, while he was selling diethyl ether, a chemical compound used as an inhalant narcotic, illicitly.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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