Algerian President congratulates President al-Assad on election win

Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad received Thursday a cable from President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria congratulating him on his win of Syria’s recent presidential elections.

President al-Assad secured the overwhelming majority of the votes cast in the June 3 elections, by winning a landslide 88.7 percent of the vote over two other contenders.

In his cable, the Algerian President expressed his wishes of more progress and prosperity for the brotherly people of Syria.

Meanwhile, more congratulatory cables continued to pour in, with the General Union of the Algerian Youth, the Bahrain National Unionist Assembly and the notable scholar Mohsen al-Amin Association in Damascus sending congratulatory cables to President al-Assad.

In their cables, the senders said the trust that the Syrian people have invested in President al-Assad’s leadership mirrors a genuine will for moving ahead with the reconstruction process and overcoming challenges besetting the country. 

H. Said

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