Army units kill terrorists, destroy their gatherings and weapons in different areas

Provinces, SANA- The army carried out Thursday a series of military operations against dens and gatherings of armed terrorist organizations in different areas, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their weaponry.


An army unit confronted a terrorists attempt – attack against the Old City- towards Abdul-Hamid al-Zahrawi School- in Aleppo northern province, and it kills numbers of terrorists and injures others, a military source told SANA.

Army members clashed with terrorists in the surrounding area of the School, leaving many terrorists killed and others injured.


A military source told SANA that the army destroyed a vehicle for terrorists and killed all onboard in Tranje village in Quneitra countryside.

Heavy losses were inflicted in the ranks of the foreign-backed terrorist organization during Army intensive operations in the southwestern Qunietra province.

In the eastern countryside of Quneitra, Army unit carried out a special operation targeting terrorist organizations’ gatherings resulted in killing many terrorists and the destruction of a vehicle with all terrorists an board it in Mas-hara town.

Meanwhile mass media confirmed the death of 12 terrorists’ leaders in Qudna village in the southern countryside of Quneitra.

Abu Usama al-Nu’imy, the military leader of the so called “al-Jaish al-Aual”, was identified among the dead in addition to tens of injured terrorists were hospitalized in Israel and Jordan.


Units of the Army and Armed Forces targeted with intensive strikes terrorists’ hideouts in Daraa countryside.

A military source told SANA Thursday that many terrorists were killed, others injured and some of their vehicles were destroyed during Army special operation against their dens in Teesyia near the Jordanian border.

It added the army killed members of a terrorist group at the entrance of Zamreen village in Daraa countryside.

The army also killed members of a terrorist group between Saida and al-Ghariya towns in Daraa eastern countryside.

In al-Lujat area, units of Army destroyed, during special operations, hideouts of “Jabhat al-Nusra” and other terrorist organizations, killing many of their members and destroying their vehicles in Jadal al-Shayah.

In the northern countryside of Daraa, a number of terrorists were killed and their ammo and weaponry were destroyed during Army intensive strikes on their hideouts in Dei al-Salat to the west of al-Harak city.


Units of Army and Armed Forces intensified military operations against terrorist organizations’ dens and gatherings in Idleb countryside.

An army unit carried out accurate operations against terrorists’ dens in Jisr al-Shougr area, killing a number of terrorists, injuring others and destroying their weapons in al-Najia, Ayn al-Barda, Jaftalak Haj Mahmoud and al-Teibat villages.

Many terrorists were killed or injured in Sijra, Ayn Shib, al-Rami, Ayn Martin and al-Ma’zola villages west of Idleb. A hideout with all terrorists, weapons and ammo inside was destroyed in Ard al-Habat.

Units of Army and Armed Forces eliminated many terrorists and injured many others in Kaminas village and Tal Deinit, an archeological hill near to the village.

In the southeast of Idleb , a number of terrorists were killed, others were injured and their ammunition and dens were destroyed during Army strikes on their gatherings in Ma’ar Dibssi village in Saraqeb area.

Terrorist organizations acknowledged on social media pages the death of many of their members in Idleb countryside. Abd al-Min’em al-Zoubi and Nabil Mohamed Shahad were identified among the dead.


Units of the army and armed forces directed heavy strikes to terrorists’ dens and movements in the eastern countryside of Homs province causing great losses in personnel and ammunitions.

“Units of the army and armed forces killed a number of terrorist organizations’ members and destroyed their arms in Masaada and al-Bergouthia ,70 km to the east of Homs province”, a military source told SANA.

Army intensive strikes on terrorists’ dens and movements in al-Feruklos countryside killed a number of terrorists and wounded others in Jbab Hamad , al-Tadmuriah and Um al-Tababeer areas.

Meanwhile, an army unit targeted terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria “ISIS” gatherings and killed a number of the terrorist organization’s members in Rahhoum village, a crossing to terrorist organizations’ members from Raqqa province towards the eastern countryside of Homs to perpetrate massacres targeting residents and steal oil and gas fields in the area.


A military source told SANA that the army destroyed dens for terrorists and rocket-launching pads, vehicles equipped with heavy machine guns and killed a number of terrorists in salma, Khan al-Jouz and Kfar Dalba in Lattakia northern countryside.


An Army and armed Forces unit confronted an armed attack by terrorists on the office of al-Quds Radio Station near Ura town in the western countryside of Sweida.

A source at Sweida Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorists infiltrated at dawn on Thursday from Um Walad and Jbib villages and targeted with mortar shells an office of al-Quds Radio Station near Ura town in the western countryside of Sweida.

Members of Army and popular defense groups had clashed with terrorists, killing or injuring many of them, the source added.

The source confirmed that no casualties between civilians had been reported.




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