Candle march in Damascus in condemnation of ISIS’ acts of murder, displacement, and abduction in Hasaka

Damascus, SANA – Thousands of people from Bab Touma neighborhood in Damascus on Friday evening organized a candle march from Al-Zaitoun Church and the Mariamite Church towards Bab Touma Square to express condemnation of the acts of murder, displacement, and abduction committed by ISIS against civilians in Hasaka.

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The participants called on the international community to work towards the immediate and unconditional release of all abductees, end bloodshed, and put a stop to the systematic displacement of Christians in the area.

They also called for supporting the Syrian Arab Army in order to restore security and stability to the entirety of the country, denouncing the international silence over the crimes being committed against the Christians of the Middle East, demanding that the international community pressure the states that fund and arm terrorists whom these states label “moderate opposition.”

“This march is a condemnation of the crimes committed by terrorist organizations everywhere, particularly what happened recently in Hasaka province where are people were taken to parts unknown by the ISIS terrorist organization,” Father Gabriel Dawood said.

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Dawood called upon the free people of the world to move to stop the shedding of Syrian blood at the hands of border-crossing terrorists who are being supported by states in the region and the world under various pretext.

The march’s organizer Antione Shana’a said that the participants were eager to take part and relay their message to the world, stressing the needs for the Syrian people to stand united and work to return all abductees.

On February 23rd 2015, ISIS terrorists began an assault on on the villages of Tal Hermez, Tal Shamiram, Tal Rumman, Tal Nasri, al-Aghibash, Touma Yelda, and al-Hawouz in Hasaka’s western countryside, where the terrorists committed atrocities including murder, vandalism, armed robbery, abduction of civilians, and the destruction of scores of houses and churches, in addition to burning down the antique church of Tal Hermez, one of the oldest churches in Syria. Tens of innocent civilians lost their lives at the hands of ISIS and many families were displaced as they fled the terrorist organization’s attacks.

Hazem Sabbagh

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