More efforts to boost media performance to better confront the war against Syria

Damascus, SANA – Presidential Political and Media Advisor Bouthaina Shaaban stressed Sunday that making Syria’s voice heard to the world through media is so important to back up the gains which the Syrian army is making against terrorists on the ground.

Shaaban was speaking during the opening of a training course in talk-show and television and radio presentation carried out by the Media Preparation Institute.

Planned to run throughout 2015, the course will address issues of investigative journalism, body language, TV appearance, journalistic and social media reporting, in addition to issues related to war correspondents and political analysts.

The course was announced as part of the national “Live Syria 2015” campaign that has since the beginning of this year seen various establishments and institutions making special offers, including big discounts, for citizens to benefit from.

Taking national media to next levels is a must given that one aspect of the internationally-devised war waged against Syria is media-related, Shaaban said.

Almost there was no front that was not opened against the Syrian people in the war targeting them since 2011, with the media front being among the most prominent of all.
Hundreds of foreign and Arab media outlets have been employed in a large-scale misleading campaign in which facts in Syria were distorted, others were fabricated and extremist mentality was promoted misleading many Arab young people into getting involved in so-called “jihadist” fight in Syria.

She called for adopting new media methods to keep pace with the latest developments in the Syrian society spawned by the four-year-long crisis, noting that top among the issues that these methods should address are discarding the takfiri and terrorist mentality and preserving and strengthening social unity.

For his part, Minister of Information Omran al-Zoubi said achieving victory over the international conspiracy demands creating the favorable necessary conditions, stressing that establishing well-qualified media cadres is one very important element of those conditions.

Haifa Said

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