Syrian- Russian talks session in Moscow tackles all domains

Moscow, SANA- A talks session was conducted Tuesday by Joint Syrian-Russian Governmental Committee co-chaired by Mansour Azzam, Minister of Presidential Affairs, Chairman of the Committee on the Syrian side, and Irek Faizullin. Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities on the Russian side.

The in-depth talks dealt with an assessment of economic cooperation reality between the two countries in various domains, where the two sides reviewed trade exchange at the public and private sectors and the potential ways for increasing its volume.

Tax and customs facilitations to simplify the trade exchange measures between the two parties along with increasing and economic feasibility to all concerned parties were also touched upon.

Joint investments have been among the key topics discussed in the meeting, as various companies managed to set investment projects in motion which develop opportunities for others to intensify efforts for the implementation of investment contracts.

Both sides agreed upon signing the bilateral agreement on further expanding economic and trade cooperation during the next meeting of the joint committee.

The meeting has also covered other areas such as energy, agriculture, industry, health and education.

It was concluded on setting up the 13th session of the Syrian-Russian Governmental Joint Committee in late January, 2023.

Kinda ALMahmoud / Baraa Ali

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