Breaking News Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Sayyid Ali Khamenei: The US has spent billions of dollars targeting Syria and other countries in the region due to its principled stances, but its plans failed.

QSD militia kidnaps citizens protesting against closure of schools in Qamishli

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces-backed QSD militia attacked several demonstrators gathering in front of the UN office in Qamishli city in protest against the militia’s closure of private and public institutes and schools teaching the Ministry of Education curriculum.

“QSD armed men dispersed demonstrators who staged against closing state-run schools and depriving them of education by force”, local sources told SANA reporter, noting that the militia brought in military reinforcements surrounded the sit-in.

Two weeks ago, QSD militia closed private institutes and schools in the city and deprived students of their right to education .And since 2014, it had seized most of the governmental schools and banned teaching there, turning them into military headquarters and prisons.

Bushra Dabin / Baraa Ali

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