President al-Assad awards Pakistani Ambassador in Damascus Syrian Order of Merit of Excellent Degree

Damascus, SANA- President Bashar al-Assad awarded Mr. Saeed Muhammad Khan, Ambassador of Pakistan to Syria, the Syrian Order of Merit of the Excellent Degree in honor of his efforts to develop the bilateral relations and in appreciation of his dedication to performing his duties as an ambassador of his country in Damascus.

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr.Bashar al-Ja’afari, awarded the Pakistani Ambassador the Syrian Order of Merit in a farewell ceremony held Wednesday by the Ministry at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus on the occasion of ending his diplomatic mission in Syria.

Al-Ja’afari said “President Bashar al-Assad decided to award the Order of Merit to Ambassador Muhammad Khan in appreciation of  his great efforts to enhance bilateral relations between the two countries”.

The Deputy Minister also noted to the significant role and efforts exerted by the Ambassador in the difficult circumstances Syria has been going through to promote the bilateral relations on all aspects, voicing his appreciation to Pakistan, government and people, and recalling their support for Syria in its wars against the Israeli entity in June 1967 and in Tishreen liberation war 1973.

Ambassador Muhammad Khan, for his part, expressed his thanks and appreciation to President al-Assad for this honor, extending his appreciation to the Syrian people and to the ministry with all its diplomats.

ALI,Baraa / Mazen

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