Breaking News Syrian Government categorically denies US accusations on kidnapping or arresting any US citizen who entered its territories or stayed in areas under the sovereignty and authority of Syrian government

Transport Ministry: Damascus International airport to be put into service as of Thursday

Damascus, SANA- the Ministry of transport announced that the international airport of Damascus will be put into service as of tomorrow, Thursday.

Minister of Transport, Eng. Zuhair Khuzaym said that “all air carriers can schedule their incoming and outgoing flights via the airport starting tomorrow.

“The airport will operate with all its capacity to serve passengers and operating companies after finishing the repairs of the damages caused by the Israeli aggression”Khuzaym added.

Director General of the Syrian Arab Aviation Corporation, Shefaa al-Nouri, said that “all travel tickets booked as of tomorrow are mow valid and their flights will be carried out according to their scheduled dates without any modification”.

Bushra Dabin / Amer Dawa

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