US occupation brings out 70 vehicles loaded with stolen oil to Iraqi territory

Hasaka, SANA- The US occupation forces continued to steal Syrian oil from the al-Jazeera region, as They brought out oil and military equipment from Syrian territory towards Iraqi territory through illegal al-Waleed crossing.

Local sources in al-Yarubiyah countryside told SANA reporter that a convoy of 70 vehicles, including tankers loaded with stolen oil from oil fields occupied by US forces in Syrian al-Jazeera region went through the crossing towards northern Iraq, in addition to refrigerators and 15 trucks carrying military equipment.

The convoy was accompanied by six armored vehicles where it was brought out a day after removing 46 vehicles through the same crossing.

US occupation forces, in collusion with QSD militia, control the majority of the oil fields in the Syrian Al-Jazeera region in Hasaka and Deir Ezzor provinces and smuggle the Syrian oil and sell it abroad to deprive the Syrians of it in a flagrant violation of international law.

Manar Salameh /Shaza Qrieme

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