GAPAR: Terrorist attacks on aid distribution site in Yarmouk Camp result in injuries

Damascus, SANA – Director of the General Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees (GAPAR) Ali Mustafa said that a number of women, children, and relief workers were injured due to the repeated terrorist attacks targeting the aid distribution site in Yarmouk Camp.

Mustafa told SANA that terrorists have been attacking the site in Rama Street for eight consecutive weeks, with the terrorists employing explosive devices, opening fire, sniping, and firing mortars at the site when locals – most of them women and children – come to receive aid and medical treatment.

He said that the injured people were given medical attention by the Palestinian Red Crescent, and some were evacuated from the Camp for treatment along with the aid distribution convoys under protection from the Syrian Arab Army.

Mustafa said these attacks seek to starve civilians in the Camp and prolong their suffering, asserting that the GAPAR will continue to deliver aid and evacuate people with critical health conditions to receive treatment at hospitals in Damascus, adding that 22 food baskets with bread rations were distributed on Saturday, bringing the total number of aid packages distributed since January 30 2014 to 56,030 food baskets and 11,599 health packages.

He said that aid distribution and providing treatment will be resumed in the camp on Thursday.

Hazem Sabbagh

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