American website: The West exploits Ukraine crisis to turn NATO into war machine against Russia, China

Washington, SANA-The American World Socialist website has affirmed that the United States and its allies in the West are pursuing escalatory hostile policies towards Russia and China and invoking the crisis in Ukraine with the aim of turning NATO into a war machine used directly against these two countries.

The website said that NATO countries are using the pretext of the Ukrainian crisis as a cover to intensify their military presence near the Russian border. Under this argument, the alliance has mobilized its 40,000-strong rapid reaction force against Russia, but all these moves are only the beginning of a much broader transformation of the alliance.

The website indicated that NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg was not embarrassed, during an interview he gave to the British Daily Telegraph, to talk about the transformation of the alliance which took Ukraine as a primary excuse for Western hostile moves against Russia and China, and he also admitted that the United States and the West carried out the largest military reinforcement operation since the Cold War.

One of the main points of NATO’s transformation plan will be the integration of a series of countries close to the Russian borders, noting that since 2016 the alliance has intensified its military presence near Russia and deployed combat groups in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, all of which are member states of the alliance and close to the border of Russia, according to the website.

The site added that the extent of the involvement of the United States and NATO in the Ukraine crisis has become clear to everyone, and Georges Malbrunot, a correspondent for the French Newspaper Le Figaro, revealed earlier that units of the British elite special forces were already present in Ukraine and since the beginning of the Russian special military operation, in addition to the presence of Delta Force, a US Special Forces unit.

For many years, the United States and the West have worked to create a rift in Ukraine in order to promote the concept of (Russian phobia) or (fear of Russia) and justify the expansion of NATO and the approach to the Russian border. The same role was played by the Ukrainian political figures who were officially inciting hatred against Russia and pushing the Ukrainians to war.

The West has provided Ukraine with huge amounts of weapons since 2016 while foreign politicians and military are openly communicating with the Ukrainian Nazis, all of that within Ukraine’s preparations for a military offensive against Donbass and Russia.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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