Emirates Loves Syria team: We return the favor to our country with stories about talented Syrians

Dubai, SANA- Syrians have excelled in many fields, among them doctors, engineers, programmers and musicians throughout the world, but in a quick search on the Internet, you may find only pictures documenting a difficult stage of our lives with these words.

Young expatriate, Ruba Nesli summed up the goal of the initiative “Emirates Loves Syria” to publish a video showing Syrians who have achieved successful stories and planted hope.

The team manager of Syrian expatriate youth in the United Arab Emirates, Ruba Nesli founded a page on social media under the name “Emirates Loves Syria” at the beginning of 2021, which is part of a group of pages under the name “The Emirates loves” as an initiative under the auspices of the New Media Academy in Dubai to build bridges of love between peoples of the world in order to shed light on the stories of ambition and success of distinguished people.

Nesli told SANA reporter that there are two teams, one in Dubai and includes people of different ages, and a team in Syria whose mission is to search for successful stories for Syrians who were able to form a distinct imprint in society as volunteers, initiators and creators in their fields.

She noted that the ultimate goal is to show the true image of Syrians and change the images produced by the war.

Nesli added that the initiative also seeks to spread the stories of successful Syrians in the UAE who have left a large imprint and succeeded in investing the opportunities that were available to them to achieve their ambitions.

Nisreen Othman / Mazen Eyon


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