Mikdad: Syria has experienced the West and its hypocrisy

Damascus, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr. Fayssal Mikdad, affirmed that the Western world is a savage world which does not want others to live in peace, stressing that Syria has experienced the West and its hypocrisy.

Mikdad’s remarks came in a dialogue meeting held Wednesday with students at Damascus University.

He added that the West wants to implement the economic siege to suppress peoples, and the unjust siege on Syria has been unprecedented in the history of the world.

On Syria’s stance towards what is going on in Ukraine, Mikdad expressed Syria’s support of the friends and allies in Russian Federation as Syria has always chosen to strengthen its relations with those who respect its sovereignty, independence and provide political, economic and military support in facing the Israeli occupation.

He added that the Syrian people will not forget those who stood by them and those who were against them, and they will continue to build their strategic relations on the basis of respecting the national sovereignty and the right of all peoples of the world in independence, self-determination, security and prosperity without any discrimination or selectivity.

He expressed regret that the Ukrainian successive governments have adopted negative and dangerous polices towards Russia and exploited the extremist nationalist movements to escalate the hostility against it.

Mikdad underlined that from the beginning the West has played an instigative role and tried to tempt the extremist parties in Ukraine with promises to join the EU and acquire military aid and protection in return for raising the level of hostility and threat against Russia.

The US and the EU have never abandoned the hostile and expansionist policy towards Russia, China and all countries that are not under the Western hegemony, he went on saying.

He added that the West exploits the mass media misleading campaigns to distort the true image of the causes behind the crisis in Ukraine and rudely accuses Russia of seeking to expand its hegemony on the region to reach the borders with the European Union.

On the Arab-Arab relations, Mikdad expressed Syria’s continued stance to restore the unified Arab stance, hailing the positive stance of the UAE towards the events in Ukraine.

He warned  against the current situation in Ukraine as they will affect the whole world and reflect the image of the conflict between East and West, stressing that multipolarity is the future of the world.

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