Mikdad, Lavrov affirm necessity of boosting stability in Syria… western coercive measures unacceptable

Moscow, SANA- Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Fayssal Mikdad, affirmed that his visit to Moscow constitutes an opportunity to increase coordination between the two friendly countries in various domains of mutual interest, in addition to exchanging views on the latest developments in Europe and the Middle East.

“The main goal of our two countries is that peace, stability, freedom and equality prevail in today’s world. In this field, it is necessary to underline the important and key role that Russia, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, plays in promoting security and stability not only in the Middle East but in Europe now,” Mikdad, meeting Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, on Monday, said.

He added “The campaign of hypocrisy, lies and deception waged by the West is the same as the campaign it launched against Syria. Western countries encourage Ukraine to launch attacks on Russia, supply it with weapons, establish bases, violate international agreements on non-proliferation, continue to work on expanding NATO, and threaten the Russian Federation and other countries in the world.”

Mikdad affirmed Syria’s support for all the efforts made by President Putin and the Russian leadership to overcome the crises that the West is trying to create in this sensitive region of the world, indicating that the same players who practice misinformation, lies, media propaganda and media terrorism against Syria are the ones who practice these lies against the Russian Federation.

“The situation is developing at a high speed globally, and this is also related to the situation in the Middle East, North Africa and Syria. Unfortunately, the West is trying to create an aggressive atmosphere towards Russia, and this affects its efforts to implement UN Resolution 2254,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov affirmed the continuation of joint action aimed at achieving a political solution to the crisis in Syria that guarantees the preservation of its sovereignty, independence, unity and territorial integrity, saying, “We will not allow Western attempts to obstruct our joint work and efforts within the framework of our strategic cooperation.”

He noted that Presidents Putin and al-Assad define duties and goals for us, and that was proven through their last meeting held last September, and within the framework of these useful talks, we will determine ways to implement understandings and achieve the existing goals.

Mikdad, Lavrov call for boosting stability in Syria… western coercive measures unacceptable

In a press conference following the talks, Mikdad said that despite the fact that the conditions to which Europe passes through are not good, the meeting was very fruitful to discuss the international situation and the stance of Federal Russia towards it, in addition to the impacts on  the situation in the Arab region and the world.

“We affirm our support to the stances expressed by President Vladimir Putin and the credibility through which he dealt with those issues of basic commitment to Russia’s international obligations, and we condemn all attempts of mobilization, attack, lies or media terrorism practiced by western countries during the latest weeks to defame the image of the Russian Federation and its constructive stances,” Mikdad said.

Mikdad added that he discussed with Lavrov issues related to the western coercive measures imposed on Syria which deprive the Syrian child from milk and bread to achieve their hostile targets.

“We still confront the Turkish occupation of Idleb and the support offered by it to the terrorist groups… and all of you have lately followed the US announcement about killing the second leader of Daesh on territories occupied by the Turkish occupation after it had killed the first leader meters away from the place where it killed the second leader,” Mikdad added.

On the Israeli attacks, Mikdad said that the Israeli actions come in the framework of defending its terrorist allies inside the Syrian lands, adding that every time the Syrian State obtains achievements against terrorism, those attacks come in violation of UN Security council resolutions and the international legitimacy, stressing that the Israeli aggression will not be tolerated.

He said that the US, through its illegitimate presence in the north-eastern part of Syria, it doesn’t only support the separatist agendas, but, it has displaced nearly 400 thousand Syrian residents in the latest war in Hasaka, adding that the US invests in terrorism to carry out its political targets.

For his part, Lavrov said “I discussed with Mikdad the humanitarian file and joint plans in the fields of bilateral cooperation including the cultural, scientific, military and humanitarian exchange,” stressing his country’s keenness on continuing this cooperation within the framework of the Russian-Syrian governmental committee, in addition to addressing regional and global files>

He stressed the necessity of solving the crisis in Syria politically according to Syrian-Syrian dialogue away from any external intervention and in light of UN Resolution 2254, calling for the need not to impose preconditions on the work of Committee of Discussing the Constitution or to “set artificial timetables for its work.”

He denounced the sanctions imposed by Western countries on Syria, saying that these sanctions increased the suffering of its people, indicating that imposing embargo in light of the Corona pandemic is unacceptable and that the West continues obstructing  the return of refugees despite the Syrian state procedures that provide the necessary conditions for their return.

Lavrov said that his country strongly condemns the Israeli attacks on Syrian territory, warning that such attacks, which violate United Nations’ resolutions, may lead to a hard escalation in the entire region, stressing the need to stop them.

He noted that the illegitimate presence of the United States in Syria prevents its government from accessing to resources of the country and encourages the separatist agendas.

Regarding Syria’s return to the Arab League, Lavrov said that his country supports the process of Syria’s return to the Arab family and the efforts Damascus is taking to restore its relations with the Arab countries.

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