President Putin awards “Order of Friendship” to a Syrian doctor

Moscow, SANA- Russian President, Vladimir Putin, awarded on Wednesday at Kremlin “the Order of Friendship” to Syrian ophthalmologist, Yusef Naeem Yusef, for his significant scientific accomplishments and works in the domain of ophthalmology.

“You will have your own destiny and method in this life, and what unifies all of us is the efforts exerted to serve the citizens and society and your accomplishments will open new horizons in all domains,” Putin said during the award ceremony for Russian citizens.

For his part, Dr.Yusef said that this honor is important for him and it is a great responsibility ,hailing the achievements fulfilled  by President Putin over the past 20 years, and referring to the role of Russia and its global distinction in the domains of economy and sciences.

Baraa Ali/ Mazen Eyon

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