Ambassador Ala : Terrorism , embargo and occupation cause grave violations of Human Rights in Syria

Geneva, SANA – Syria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Hussam Eddin Ala stressed that the embargo, terrorism ,aggression ,along with the Turkish ,Israeli and U.S. continued occupation of parts of Syrian territories caused grave violations of Human Rights ,on top the rights to life, health, food and development.

In a statement during the Human Rights Council’s session for adopting a report of the team concerned with Universal Periodic Review (UPR) on Syria Ala said “The mechanism of this review constitutes the optimal international framework to examine in a transparent and professional manner the record of human rights of all countries on an equal footing without discrimination or selectivity”.

The Syrian Diplomat clarified that Syria presented its 3rd national report as its delegation ,headed by Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Dr.Bashar al-Jafaari, participated in discussing the report and in responding the questions raised and the recommendations proposed by the delegations in a constructive and objective way.

He said Syria thanks the delegations that had participated in discussing the national report on Syria and presented objective recommendations consistent with the targets and principles that the UPR based on , which realize the situations and conditions that Syria has been facing , including the negative repercussions of the unilateral coercive economic blockade imposed on the country by US and European Union.

“Syria regret the attempts of some delegations to distort the debate session of its national report in order to stir confusion and deception and to bring back the atmosphere of polarization that have been witnessed in the HR Council’s agenda debate “Ala concluded.

Baraa Ali / Shaza Qreima

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