Upon President al-Assad’s directives, Premier Arnous visits Lattakia to follow up on citrus crop marketing

Lattakia, SANA-Upon the directives of President Bashar al-Assad, Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, heading a government delegation, visited on Tuesday Lattakia governorate to follow up on citrus crop marketing and meet representatives of farmers, market merchants, juice factories and exporters.

The step aims to find solutions to a stack in the citrus marketing in a way that ensures the rights of farmers.

” Our intervention will come in interest of the producers, and the crop transportation cost will not be added upon them within the Syrian territory… we hope this would be positively reflected on improving prices and marketing the product,” Arnous said during the meeting with representatives of farmers and merchants.

Premier Arnous added “we have made many attempts to facilitate exporting citrus crop to external markets, but there was no response, and as we have exerted efforts to market the crop inside local markets, we will continue our attempts to support procedures of the external marketing.”

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