Syrian citizens of occupied Golan protest against Zionist entity settlement schemes

Damascus, SANA-  A number of Syrian citizens of occupied Syrian Golan staged a sit-in before the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus to protest against the arrogance of the Zionist occupation entity, its practices and decision to establish new settlements in the occupied Golan.

The participants stressed their right to regain their land, and to continue their struggle against the Zionist enemy, asserting that their stance is a message to the whole world that they would not abandon the land of the Golan.

They renewed their stand against those settlement schemes which aimed at Judaizing the occupied Syrian Golan and changing its demographic and geographical features.

They called upon the occupation entity to immediately and completely withdraw from all occupied lands into the line of June 4, 1967, demanding the international community and international legitimacy to support the right of the Syrian people and to exercise their role on the ground. ‎

They also affirmed their strong confidence in the Syrian brave army under the leadership of President Bashar al-Assad to regain every inch of the occupied Golan’s land.

Bushra Dabin / Hala Zain

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