Maduro affirms confidence in Syria’s victory over terrorism and its backers

Caracas, SANA- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has affirmed his confidence in Syria’s victory over terrorism and its backers and in the liberation of its entire territory from terrorism and its rise again.

“Syria was destined to endure a criminal terrorist war… The Syrian people have suffered a lot throughout the last 11 years, and they knew how to be resilient and win,” President Maduro said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Sunday.

He added “The Syrian Arab Army, alongside the unified Syrian people and President Bashar al-Assad, will make Syria rise again and fully liberate it, and the whole world will be amazed at how Syria will resurrect in the following years.”

Maduro added, “President al-Assad is a brave and heroic man. He is really a great man and fighter. We have in Venezuela a very large community of the Syrian people, that is, approximately one million people of Syrian origin. There is a Syrian-Venezuelan club where all Syrian cultural activities are held, and we feel great love for Syria, because I know it well and visited it many times when I was foreign minister with Leader Hugo Chavez.”

Maduro renewed his country’s support for the Palestinian cause and that it will not abandon it under any circumstance or pressure, stressing that the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people are unprecedented in the world, saying “Israel” would pay for them one day.

Maduro noted that 2021 was the first year in which Venezuela registered economic growth since “the beginning of the criminal imperialist US sanctions,” adding that this growth was the result of Venezuelans’ continued effort.

Maduro added that the people of Venezuela resisted the fierce attacks launched by the US imperial power and its allies around the world, “but we held on and resisted.”

Maduro highlighted that the people of Venezuela did not suffice themselves with resistance, rather the important goal they sought after was to achieve progress by way of a collective effort through the stimulation of all economic sectors.

According to Maduro, the people of Venezuela were no less than heroes before the challenges they faced, and he as a President had to be up to par with this heroic people. He also needed to have great faith and patience, as well as trust in the future, to rise up to the challenge and enter the battle.

“Imperialism thought that Venezuela was its property” and that it had the ability to appoint a president for the country, through its colonialist comportment.

He further clarified that the people of Venezuela confronted imperialism, and told its leaders and its Guaido that they shall not pass, and indeed they did not.

Maduro indicated that his government has conducted a strategic planning workshop, and before the end of this year an action plan will be set for the next three years.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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