Damascus National Museum hosts cultural activities of Omani civilization

Damascus, SANA –With the aim of enhancing cultural relations and exchanging museum experiences between Syria and the Sultanate of Oman, National Museum of Damascus organized on Monday various cultural activities entitled “Omani Day in Damascus”.

The activities which were held, in cooperation with Omani National Museum, began with the inauguration of an exhibition of Omani archeological monuments and antiques, most of which date back to the Magan civilization of the Bronze Age; the first civilization that appeared in that country in the third millennium BC.

The exhibition included archeological pieces dating back to the Iron Age related to the Luban Land and its trade which linked Oman with the ancient world and old civilizations in Syria Such as Aleppo, Palmyra, and Bursa al- Sham.

It also included the signing of an annex to the agreement signed with the Omani side in 2019 to preserve Syrian heritage damaged during the years of the terrorist war by restoring 175 ancient Syrian pieces.

The annex stipulated the restoration of 30 Syrian pieces belonging to the Palmyra civilization by experts and restorers from the Russian Hermitage Museum in the capital of Oman.

100 bronze pieces of valuable coins from the Roman and Byzantine eras were returned which were loaned to Oman to be preserved and restored by Omani expertise.

A documentary film was screened on the sidelines of the event on Oman history and the successive civilizations.

Hybah / Shaza

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