People’s Assembly condemns the Turkish regime aggressive acts against Syria

Damascus, SANA- Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Hammoudeh Sabbagh, affirmed that the aggressive acts of the Turkish regime led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan which target the unity, sovereignty, and independence of Syria are a continuation of the terrorist war against the country and a chain of alliances with the Western colonial powers, particularly the US to serve the Zionist entity.

During its weekly session on Monday, the Assembly has condemned with the strongest terms the Turkish Parliament’s renewal of the so-called (authorization granted) to Erdogan to send military forces to Syria and Iraq for a period of two years, stressing that this decision is null, illegal, and immoral.

Sabbagh stressed the need for the international community to put an end to the Turkish regime’s violations against safe citizens.

For their parts, a number of MPs pointed out that the Turkish occupation of the Syrian territory represents a direct threat to international peace and security and a flagrant violation of international laws, and that the UN Security Council have to condemn the policies and acts of this regime and force it to withdraw its troops and stop supporting terrorists and mercenaries.

They stressed Syria’s right to restore every inch of its occupied territory by all possible means.

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