6,000 students participate in the Syrian Science Olympiad competitions

Damascus, SANA- 6,000 students in the tenth grade from various Syrian provinces participate in the new season of the Syrian Science Olympiad competitions which kicked off on Saturday.

The competitions include the scientific branches of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics and Biology.

The tests of the first round are held for an hour and a half at the same time in the provinces, with automated and standardized question forms aimed at measuring logical mathematical thinking of students.

Media advisor in the Distinction and Creativity Agency Malek Hammoud said that the students who will obtained the highest 50 marks of abovementioned scientific branches in each province will be eligible to continue in the tests of the second round then the final tests as the names of these students will be announced at the beginning of next November on the agency’s website.

The tests of the second round are scheduled to take place on November 20 ,2021.



Deir Ezzor


MHD Ibrahim/Shaza Qreima

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