Syrian Navy personnel express determination to protect Syrian coasts

Lattakia, SANA- October liberation War has constituted a milestone in the history of the Arab-Zionist conflict since the powers of colony and hegemony decided to foist the usurping entity into Arab Palestine to protect their interests and support their schemes in the region and target the potentials of the Arab power and their cultural position.

The Syrian Navy forces played a prominent role in October War by confronting the aggression against the Syrian coast, which aimed at the dispersion of the Syrian Arab Army’s efforts through targeting positions that are far from the occupied Syrian Golan front, however, the heroic battles, waged by the Syrian Navy, foiled all these attempts and inflicted heavy losses upon it in persons and equipment.

Playing their role in October War, the Syrian Navy personnel continued their duty in defending their country in the face of the armed terrorist organizations which are backed by the conspiring alliance on Syria as they played pivotal role in combating these organizations and liberating the Syrian territories in Lattakia northern countryside.

Hala Zain


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