Turkish parliamentarian calls for holding Erdogan accountable for his crimes in Syria

Ankara, SANA- Turkish member of the parliament Ali Mahir Başarır has affirmed that the President of the Turkish regime, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, bears the responsibility for creating, financing and supporting dozens of terrorist organizations in Syria, especially the terrorist organizations of Daesh “ISIS” and al-Nusra.

Başarır, a deputy from the Republican People’s Party (CHP), said in a televised statement: “Without Erdogan’s support for terrorist organizations in Syria, they would not have been able to do what they have done of killing and sabotage and displacing millions of Syrians outside the country,” referring to the Turkish regime’s transfer of tens of thousands of foreign terrorists from around the world to Syria through the Turkish border.

Başarır demanded that Erdogan and the ministers of interior and defense be held accountable for all the crimes they committed against the Syrian and Turkish people as well, saying “Erdogan’s position on his support for terrorism has not changed despite the heavy costs incurred by Turkey as a result of these arbitrary policies. It is time to get rid of his policies as soon as possible and hold him accountable for all the mistakes he has made.”

Dozens of irrefutable documents published by international media indicate that terrorists in Syria are linked to the Turkish regime, most notably what was revealed by the Swedish Nordic Monitor website about the Turkish intelligence’s involvement in using former Turkish officers involved in various crimes and tasking them with training terrorists and sending them to Syria since the beginning of the terrorist war against it.

Ruaa al-Jazaeri

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