Joint Committee of “ Wounded of Homeland” program: an advanced vision of responsibility for the injured

Damascus, SANA – The joint committee of the program of “the homeland’s wounded” presented during a press conference ,been held at the Officers’ Club in Damascus, a brief about what the project has achieved after five years of its foundation in addition to its national role in caring and enabling the wounded of the Syrian Arab Army.

The conference started with a speech of Deputy Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Shawa during which he talked about the need that necessitated establishing this project after the growing number of the injured in the Syrian Arab Army and the supporting forces in the war operations along with the necessity of founding an institution on the national level that takes care of their health conditions and offers aid and means that facilitate their movement ,support and enable them in the work and production as well as helping them continue their educational attainment and increase their job opportunities.

He pointed out that this program was not merely an emotional step but it has always been constituting an advanced vision of holding responsibilities for the injured which is a vision that starts originally from the beliefs of the Defense Ministry and its adherence to its wounded.

For his part the Operations Manager of the project ,Rashad Ali, talked about the way of building partnership between the project and the injured through the services offered, adding that for improving the psychological and physical conditions of the injured, there was sports tournament conducted in August with a participation of 92 injured in an effort by the project to open up for some of them to train.

Baraa Ali / Mazen Eyon

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