Ancient Aleppo restores brilliance… Khan al-Harir market and al-Phostoq Square opened after rehabilitation

Aleppo, SANA- Event of “the city nights”, which is funded by Aleppo governorate and Syria Trust for Development was inaugurated in celebration of re-opening of Khan al-Harir market and al-Phostoq Square after their rehabilitation from the damage affected by acts of terrorism, as part of a national plan to restore life to the markets of Aleppo Ancient city.

Minister of Culture, Lubanah Mshaweh, said in a speech that Aleppo al-Shahba is like “a phoenix” that rises from under the ashes every time to refuse death, restore its life and spread hope everywhere, stressing that “hand in hand we will rebuild the country.”

She added “No matter how painful our situation is and no matter how much we suffer, we will rise and prove to the world that we deserve life.”

Governor of Aleppo Hussein Diab, for his part, told SANA that “Aleppo has never been absent in the mind of President Bashar al-Assad and Mrs. Asma al-Assad as the city and its sons who defied terrorism and rose despite the war, extend their white hands to support the rise of their immortal city.”

Diab affirmed that old Aleppo is an economically connected artery with the industrial city in Sheikh Najar , and it is part of Aleppo identity and its economic ,social and historic  heart that has been always pulsing with life throughout the past centuries , for this reason, president al-Assad has been  interested in reviving and restoring this vital economic artery.

CEO of Syria Trust for Development, Shadi al-Alshi talked about the Trust determination to rehabilitate and restore the markets of Khan Al-Harir, Al-Saqatiyah and Phostoq square despite all challenges , ruin and destruction, noting to the importance of opening  Khan Al-Harir, al-Saqatiyah and al-Phostoq markets, which are one of basic entrances to the straight street and markets in the ancient city where they were implemented in cooperation with local community and participation of institutions, non-governmental organizations, economic activities and official bodies figures.

Hybah/ Nisreen Othman/ Mazen Eyon

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