On their day, army personnel affirm readiness to sacrifice their souls to protect homeland

Deir Ezzor, Hama- The 76th anniversary of founding the Syrian Arab Army comes today while the locals in Deir Ezzor and its countryside have been enjoying security and safety for more than three years after eliminating the last strongholds of Daesh “ISIS” terrorist organization.

The locals in the province are looking forward to completing the liberation, expelling the American occupation and its mercenaries, and eliminating the remnants of the Takfiri terrorists who, with the support of the occupation forces, carry out terrorist operations against civilians, military points and government facilities in al-Badia region and the Syrian Jazeera region.

On this occasion, which in its lofty meaning constitutes a bright page in the record of honor and dignity, army personnel are proud and they are celebrating it.

In interviews with the SANA reporter in Deir Ezzor, they congratulated the homeland and the leader of the homeland, President Bashar al-Assad, emphasizing that they will remain the solid fortress to defend the homeland until the liberation of all the Syrian territory.

Fighter Bassem said: “From Deir Ezzor, the city of victory and steadfastness, we salute the souls of the righteous martyrs who sacrificed to defend the soil of the homeland. We are on their path, continuing to defend the land of Syria, which will remain dear and generous, despite all the hatred of the conspirators. We are victorious because we are with the truth and the truth will triumph.”

Fighter Ismail believes that Syria, with its history and heritage, gave birth and is still giving birth to men who defend its pride and dignity, stressing that the country “deserves from us to exert the most precious in defense of its dignity and sovereignty.”

In turn, fighter Ahmed points out that “the heroism of our ancestors throughout history was the inspiration for our victories, as we were raised on the love of the homeland and belonging to the land.”

 In Hama, which enjoys security and stability after the defeat of the terrorist groups, the heroes of the army continue training to raise their combat readiness. They are the impenetrable fence that protects the soil of the homeland, and they raise the banners of victory on the frontlines.

Fighter Wasim told SANA reporter from one of the training sites: “We are proceeding to continue the march of sacrifice to achieve the great victory by destroying the last positions of terrorism.”

 In turn, Lieutenant Tariq from Tishreen Training Arena stressed that they are “continuing with training to reach the highest levels of combat readiness,” adding, “On this occasion, we and our comrades-in-arms are fully prepared to defend every inch of our dear homeland.”

Ruaa al-Jazaeri



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