President al-Assad participates in a religious celebration on Prophet Mohammad’s birthday

Damascus, SANA – President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday participated in a religious celebration on Prophet Mohammad’s birthday at al-Afram mosque in Damascus.


Minister of Religious Endowments, Dr. Mohammad Abdel Sattar al-Sayyed, said that Prophet Mohammad and Islam are innocent from the acts of takfiri, terrorist groups who kill, slaughter and conspire by the name of Islam.


In a speech on the occasion, Minister al- Sayyed saluted the souls of the martyrs, and soldiers of the Syrian army, adding that President al-Assad is leading the country to the land of safety.


He added that Islam called for the good deeds, banned sabotage of the Homeland or forcing the people to flee their homes, adding that Islam also banned recruiting the children in fighting.


M. Nassr/ Mazen

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