On the anniversary of hoisting national flag in liberated Quneitra, Syrians more determined to restore the occupied Golan

 Damascus, SANA-On the twenty-sixth of June 1974, the founding leader Hafez al-Assad raised the flag of the homeland in the liberated city of Quneitra.

Hoisting the national flag in the city carries national meanings that are important in the history of the Syrians’ struggle for the liberation of the occupied land .

It is a crowning of the heroism of Syrian army and the sacrifices of people in Tishreen Liberation War and its achievements for shining facts, foremost of which is the firm and legitimate right to return every span of land in the occupied Golan.

47 years have passed since hoisting the national flag in the liberated Quneitra and the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan still affirm their resilience and their defiance of the tyranny and measures of the occupation and the false annexation decisions, their adherence to their dignity and their firm and genuine belonging to the homeland.

The citizens of Golan always express their confidence in the ability to restore every span of its soil while the Israeli occupation entity continues to implement its systematic expansion schemes to confiscate lands, violate freedoms, continue arresting Syrian citizens , and practice its arbitrary policies in exploiting water and underground and natural resources.

In light of the successive victories of the army in 2018, during its military operation to end the terrorist presence in Daraa and Quneitra provinces, a number of villages and hills were liberated, which accelerated the surrender of the terrorists and the joining of a number of villages and towns to reconciliation in preparation for the entry of army units into them.

Bushra Dabin/ Mazen Eyon

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