Al-Naem is a popular traditional sweets decorating Damascus streets in Ramadan

Damascus, SANA – During the holy month of Ramadan, al-Naem sweets “soft” or “Ramadan Bread” spreads in the streets and the shops of Damascus.

People of all ages enjoy eating this sweets, as it is still one of the most prominent Damascene heritage food which maintained its popularity.

In old Damascus’s neighborhoods, there is the house of Khalil Abd al-Rahim, a 36 -years-old, who is a professional sweets maker of al-Naem bread offering it in a modern, attractive way while maintaining its inherited components.

Abd al-Rahim said that he inherited this profession from his father and grandfather where he prepares it two months before Ramadan and store it dry within cartoon boxes.

Al-Naem bread is one of famous popular Ramadan desserts dating back to nearly 200 years, in which people of Damascus are keen to have it on Ramadan Iftar tables, ” Abd al-Rahim said.

Al- Naem is a mixture of flour and water and oil . This sweets is placed in the boiling oil to become crispy loaves to be decorated with date and grapes molasses, and tahini.

The price of small soft loaf of al-Naem costs SYP1,300 while the big loaf costs SYP 2,500.

Haybah Sleman/Shaza Qriema

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