Syrian Expatriates Association in Belgium and Luxemburg calls for lifting Western coercive measures imposed on Syria

Brussels, SANA- Syrian Expatriates Association in Belgium and Luxemburg called on, in a letter addressed to the Pope Francis of Vatican, to lift the Western coercive unilateral measures imposed on Syria, which represent blatant violation of human rights.

The Association, in its letter, said that these measures contradict with the provisions of two international pacts, the first covenant is related to the political and civil rights, while the other is related to the social and economic rights.

These two pacts provide that “depriving any people from their livelihoods must be not allowed under any circumstances”, the association went on saying, adding that this is taking place in Syria daily as the country is facing illegitimate siege and occupation of its lands by the US and Turkish forces and plunder its wealth.

The letter said that along with the damage left behind by coercive measures, they have also doubled the impact of coronavirus pandemic, and increased the suffering of Syrian people who face difficulty in getting medicines and necessary medical equipment to combat the pandemic, in addition to their negative effect on economic activity of the basic sectors of human life.

The Association, called upon Pope Francis to spare no efforts to put an end to the unfair seize of the Syrian people.

Rafah al-Allouni/ Hala Zain

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