Prime Minister lays foundation stone of Sheikh Najjar photovoltaic power station

Aleppo, SANA – Prime Minister, Hussein Arnous, laid on Saturday the foundation stone of Sheikh Najjar photovoltaic power station in the industrial city of Aleppo with a capacity of 33 megawatts.

In a statement to journalists, Arnous said that the work will not stop to complete service projects in Aleppo city which serve the interest of citizens, pointing out that the government will work to secure 500 MB for Aleppo province during the current and the next year, in cooperation and partnership with private sector.

Arnous also inspected the rehabilitation project of the 1st and 2nd groups in thermal power station for electric power, and he was briefed on repair work of damage caused to the station by terrorism as the station went out service during the past years.

He added that upon the directive of President Bashar al-Assad to secure electricity to Aleppo province, the decision was taken to rehabilitate the station, in cooperation with friendly companies, as the work is underway to put one of the station’s groups into service by the end of this year or early next year.

For his part, Minister of Electricity Ghassan al-Zamil said that the amount of electricity has been increased to Aleppo province by at least 260 MB quantity and up to 260 MB, pointing out that during the coming days, there will be a remarkable improvement in electricity in Aleppo.

Sheikh Najjar photovoltaic power station has a capacity of 33 megawatts, the value of the contract is 36 million euros and the period of its implementation is 18 months, in order to generating an amount of 52 million kilowatt hours of electricity, sufficient to light 13,000 homes throughout the year and contribute to providing an amount of 13,000 tons of fuel a year.

Haybah /Shaza

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