Component authorities seize amounts of weapons in the southern region

Damascus countryside, SANA- Component authorities seized on Tuesday amounts of weapons, including thermal rockets left behind by terrorist organizations in the southern region.

SANA reporter said that while completing combing operations to secure the liberated areas in the southern region, the component authorities uncovered large amounts of weapons, ammo, shoulder-fired missiles , including thermal rockets, mortar shells, RPGs with rounds, and offensive and defensive grenades, in addition to various ammunition for light and medium weapons.

The source added that the component authorities, in cooperation with locals in the southern region, have seized recently large amounts of weapons and ammunition, some of which were hidden inside areas where terrorist organizations were positioned, and other weapons were seized during attempts of terrorist cells to gather some of their terrorists in order to target safe areas and Syrian Arab Army’s points.

The source noted that these operations “come within a plan that our armed forces and security apparatuses are working on to dry up the sources of internationally supported terrorism and to spread security and safety in all the Syrian territory.”

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