Due to blatant fabrications and unprofessionalism, Algeria threatens to withdraw France 24’s media accreditation

Algiers, SANA- Algerian authorities threatened to withdraw for good the media accreditation of the international television channel France 24, due to its “blatant bias” and “fabrication of the news” in its coverage of the Friday demonstrations in the country.

“A final warning before the permanent withdrawal of accreditation was sent to France 24,” Communications Ministry announced Saturday, Algerian News Agency said.

Algerian Communications Minister and government spokesman Ammar Belhimer summoned the France 24 bureau accredited in Algiers to warn against a “subversive activity”, illustrated by unprofessional practices hostile to our country”, the agency added.

“The bias of France 24 in the coverage of the Friday marches is blatant, going so far as to resort, without restraint, to archival images … to help anti-national remnants consisting of reactionary or separatist organizations,” the communication’s Ministry said.

The media avarice of France 24 and its manipulation reflect “malignancy and an excessive delinquency for negativity and false accusations” which aim misleading the Algerian’s public opinion and discredit Algeria.

The statement highlighted that the channel’s editing plan is based on slogans hostile to Algeria, its independence, sovereignty, security interests, and its national army, adding that the channel “is striving to rejuvenate at all costs these counter-revolutionary ‘prefabricated upheavals’ instigated by NGOs that are established in Paris and other European capitals.

Hala Zain

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