Citizens in occupied Syrian Golan renew rejection of occupation plan to build wind turbines on their lands

Occupied Golan, SANA- Citizens of the occupied Syrian Golan staged a stand in Masada village in the occupied Golan on Saturday in protest against the Israeli occupation plan to build wind turbines on their agricultural lands.

The participants affirming their adherence to their Syrian Arab identity, every inch of the land of their ancestors and defend it, asserting their categorical rejection of all the occupation’s Judaizing plans, on top of which is the Zionist settlement scheme aims at establishing wind turbines on their agricultural lands and confiscating their properties by force.

They reiterated that they will continue to confront the Israeli project, asserting that they will foil it as they have thwarted tens of the Zionist settlement projects against the occupied Golan.

It is noteworthy that the turbine scheme, or what is known as air fans, which the occupation entity is trying to pass under the pretext of generating electricity from wind energy, is nothing but an attempt to install about 52 huge wind fans to confiscate more than six thousand dunums of the lands owned by locals of the villages of Majdal Shams, Baqatha, Masada, Ain Qenya and to displace the residents of their homes and lands.

Bushra Dabin/Hala Zain

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