Kuzmenkov: Politicizing situation in Syria doesn’t help in stabilizing it or settling crisis in it

New York, SANA- Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Stepan Kuzmenkov stressed that politicizing of the situation in Syria doesn’t help in stabilizing it and finding a solution to the crisis in Syria.

During an unofficial meeting of the UN General Assembly meeting on the human rights in Syria, Kuzmenkov said that the politicized debate today has no relation with the international cooperation in protecting and enhancing human rights, therefore the discussion imposed on us can’t help in stabilizing the situation in Syria or in enhancing the international efforts for the settlement in it.

The Russian diplomat added that the international community should care for the situation of human rights, the children and women rights in the refugee’s camps in the Syrian territories occupied by the US which in turn bear full responsibility for what is going in there as an occupying power. 

He expressed regret that Syria’s efforts in combating terrorism or the violation of the country’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity and the repercussions of the unilateral coercive measures imposed on it haven’t been discussed during the meeting.

Hala Zain



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