Senior forensic expert jailed for unveiling Turkish regime involvement in sending weapons to terrorists

Stockholm, SANA- Swedish “Nordic Monitor” website revealed that the Turkish regime has imprisoned a senior forensics expert after he has exposed involvement of the Turkish intelligence agency in transporting arms shipments to the terrorist organizations in Syria in 2014.

According to confidential documents obtained by Nordic Monitor, Burhanettin Cihangiroglu, former chairman of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI) and former head of the Gendarmerie Forensics Department in Turkey, played a crucial role in the verification and identification of mortars found in intercepted trucks heading to Syria in January 2014.

Cihangiroglu’s team in Ankara was ordered by the investigating prosecutor to run forensic tests, identify and verify the lethal weaponry as part of a criminal investigation into allegations that the arms were destined for al-Qaeda in Syria.

As part of standard operating procedure, the forensic experts ran tests and presented their findings to the office of the prosecutor as requested.

Embarrassed and panicked over the scandalous expose of illegal shipments by MIT, the Erdogan government rushed to intervene in the case and eventually managed to hush up the investigation in a clear case of executive branch interference in the judiciary.

The prosecutors, judges, police, gendarmes and others who were involved in the investigation were all later dismissed and/or jailed on fabricated charges.

Hala Zain / Mazen Eyon

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